05.10.16 Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Charles, our Ultrasound Tech.  He recently found out that he has cancer and is now undergoing treatment.  Please ask God for a successful course of treatment.
  • This also means we currently have no way to provide ultrasounds for our clients, so please ask God to meet this need.  Ultrasound has proven its worth as a way of allowing expectant mothers to realize they carry no mere lump of tissue in their womb, but nothing less than a human life, made in the image of God!
  • Please continue prayer for our counselors.  It’s a daunting task to sit with a very frightened client and to comfort them with the words of Christ and encouragement.  Pray that they will be given insight from God to deal with each unique person and situation.
  • Pray for continued donations to support this work.  For more info, click HERE.
  • Praise the Lord with us for small, unexpected donations that have come in recently!  We’ve received financial support from people we don’t even know, and some have come from out of state.  It’s amazing how our God uses His people to support His work…

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